Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I guess I am bad at blogging...

WOW... I really suck at this, Jared is currently in Fort Eustice VA for the summer taking the Armament course and with him gone I am a very busy woman!  Work is going good, Windows are picking up, and we are starting a new granite division (Half Price Granite) so i'm super busy at work, The kids are GETTING BIG as ever, Ashtyn is in the middle of dance competition season, she has one more to go at Lagoon on June 12... Attley loves her dance class and tumbling she asks me daily if she has dance school that night... Witten is in the crawling stage, he currently does the army crawl, its cute as ever and if he is sitting up he can get onto all fours and rock, he has figured out how to pull himself up so when ever he can get close to an object I have to worry about him falling over, its hilarious!

In the next couple of weeks I am taking the kids boating at lake powell with grandma and papa so watch for some fun pictures, I will try to update this at least once a week to keep all you out-of-towners posted, sorry i suck so bad at this!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Life After Rucker....

Okay, I guess I should update this since its been a while....

We have been crazy busy getting settled into our new lives and lifestyle (explain in a minute) back home in Utah.....

Upon our return we bought a home in Syracuse, Jared is STILL unemployed (but looking like that is going to change next week), I have been back at Advantage Window part time in hopes to go back full time next month. I will get new pix of kids and home posted as quick as I can!

Jared and I have CoMpLeTeLy changed our lifestyles.... We joined Wasatch Crossfit (a local crossfit gym) and I have to say i'm SUPER impressed!!! IT IS SO much tougher than P90X was however in the 2 weeks i have been going to their "easy" classes (foundations) I have seen a drastic change in my appearance and so has Jared, I'm in my pre pregnancy pants and still dropping, I see muscle definition coming back that I havent seen for years... YEAH!!!!

In addition we are starting to eat a strictly Paleo (caveman) diet which is simple to follow, yummy and nutritious!!

So hopefully by our big Mexico trip in November i will look Great in my suit!

SO... thats whats new with us, not too much at all, Ashtyn likes her school (and she is LIGHTYEARS ahead of her peers) Alabama schools and DoD schools so much better than public Utah schools (i miss the schools in the sticks!)

I will try to keep blogging and get some pix up soon!